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As mum of Jacopo, performer, and teacher, I cannot promise to write  here *every day*, but I will try to keep you posted about major events.

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10-11 April 2013 (Continuation)

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9 March I am working really hard with Gieseking’s fingerings. They make more and more sense the deeper I delve into the music. They are inspiring, because they suggest the right gestures: where I must play legato, or where I have to keep my fingers quite closed, like petals not yet in blossom. The difficulty of this music is not technical, but rather inherent to sound control. As Ivo said yesterday to me, there are many Beethovenian traits here – the inner drama, the straightforward melodic/harmonic lines, the unexpected at every...

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10-11 April 2013 Preparing my new solo recording

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First of all, when I am planning a new recording, I need a guiding idea behind the choice of the compositions. In this case, the idea is to show what Schubert, Schumann, and Schoenberg did when they created individual character pieces. By definition, character pieces experiment with forms, as the character itself moulds the formal structure of the piece: to put it simply, each piece generates its form anew. The creative side reaches its peak in this genre, this is why it has been often used by Romantic composers. I decided to include...

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First four-hand recording at Henry Wood Hall, London

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I decided to start this week, as on Friday 1st of March I have the first recording piano four-hands with my husband Ivo Varbanov. It is all very exciting, as we will work again with Tony Faulkner as sound engineer, who is not only the best (of course!), but also a very nice person, so the recording day will be very pleasant, although packed with work. Yet we’ll have to find the time for another special visit: David Harrison, who will do some pics of the ‘artists’ at work with Tony. What will we record? Of course, of course,...

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18-19 May 2013

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Solo recording at Henry Wood Hall

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