Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life

                                                                                                                         Henry Miller

19 October 2021, ‘Pianomania’, by Dr Chang Tou Liang, Singapore

“Lavished with care and with playing of such immediacy, the charms are hard to resist.“...

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18 February 2017, Chipping Sodbury Music Society, Review

“The international status of the artists is well deserved“...

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ICSM Records, an audiophile label “made by artists for artists”

Interview by Andrea Bedetti 17 July 2022 The Bulgarian pianist Ivo Varbanov and his wife, his Tuscan colleague Fiammetta Tarli, have created a record label in London which, in addition to being characterised by a high technical quality of sound capture, adopts other details and a...

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9 and 11 May 2016 – Rete Toscana Classica, Italy

9 and 11 May 2016 – Interview for Rete Toscana Classica, Italy   ICSM Records – Interview Fiammetta Tarli talks to Luca Berni about her label ICSM Records Click to listen Fiammetta Tarli`s interview with Rate Toscana...

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Michifuyu Kitao, The Record Geijutsu, Japan

Tarli is an up and coming Italian pianist.  Reminds you of two peas in a pod when she plays Steingraeber, the finest grand piano.  Liszt and Wagner have loved the craftsmanship which staunchly adheres to traditional manufacturing method but at the same time introduces new technology, such as carbon fibre made soundboard.  Steingraeber, with its unique sound, has a...

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Huntley Dent, Fanfare Magazine Jan – Feb 2015

January/February 2015       The growing field of artist-run labels is very encouraging, in that we get to hear attractive talents such as husband-and-wife pianists Ivo Varbanov and Fiammetta Tarli, who give considerable pleasure in their first batch of solo and duet releases. They are accomplished artists, he from Bulgaria, she from Italy, with depth of...

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Jerry Dubins, Fanfare Magazine Jan – Feb 2015

January/February 2015       The backstory to these four releases may actually turn out to be the front story; for at a time when record sales are purportedly at historic lows, a brand new label, Independent Creative Sound and Music (ICSM), has been founded in London in 2014 with a commitment to “uncompromising quality in every aspect of the recording...

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Scott Noriega, Fanfare Magazine Jan – Feb 2015

January/February 2015       ICSM? The International Society for Contemporary Music? No. That would be the ISCM. ICSM is a new record label—Independent Creative Sound and Music Records—founded this year by its first two recorded members heard here, the pianists, Ivo Varbanov and Fiammetta Tarli, based in London, England. And what is the premise of this, yet...

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