Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life

                                                                                                                         Henry Miller

Presenting ICSM Records by Robert Schulslaper, Fanfare Magazine

Fiammetta Tarli and Ivo Varbanov, pianists and creative partners in life and work, have banded together with a dedicated team of recording and design professionals to launch ICSM Records, a company with impressively high aspirations: “Independent Creative Sound and Music (ICSM) Records—made by musicians for musicians—is committed to uncompromising quality in every aspect...

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Brahms: Complete waltzes for four hands CD review – sparkle and swing, by Stephen Pritchard, The Observer

Brahms: Complete waltzes for four hands CD review – sparkle and swing   (4/5 stars)   Fiammetta Tarli and Ivo Varbanov (piano) (ICSM)   ‘A dizzying experience’: FIammetta Tarli and Ivo Varbanov.   Stephen Pritchard Sunday 30 November 2014 00.05 GMT The Observer You can have too much of a good thing sometimes. Brahms’s two sets of Liebeslieder waltzes (love...

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August 15, 2014 by Norman Lebrecht   Husband and wife pianists Ivo Varbanov and Fiammetta Tarli are starting a new record label next month. We asked them to explain the USP of ICSM Records. Fiamma, being Italian, muttered something about fighting the mafia. Ivo objects to the over-production that takes place on major labels. We asked them to talk it through. So they...

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The English Connection, by Ekaterina Docheva, Kultura

Culture – 13 June 2014 by Ekaterina Docheva   The English Connection  Over the last 25 years a lot of changes have taken place in the musical life in the country. The negative changes related at the beginning with the impoverishment of the country and later on with the continued unreasonable distribution of the budget funds which causes damage mostly to the...

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