Ivo Varbanov (pianist and husband):


ICSM Records (my record label):


Tony Faulkner  (one of the greatest sound engineers around):


Museum of the Order of St John (one of the cores of London, where Shakespeare’s plays got approved):


Yana Burova (my great friend and violinist):


Prof. Silvina Milstein (my former PhD tutor, composer, and a real friend):


Martin Georgiev (a great friend of mine, and clever, talented, and powerful young composer):


Steingraeber pianos (the best pianos in the world – yes, they are, to me):


Jozef Lupták (a great cellist from Slovakia):


Jacques Cohen (a really good conductor):


Kings Place (one of the most significant venues in the UK):


Gega New and Juliana Marinova, its Director (Bulgaria’s record label, beautiful catalogue, I am proud to have worked with them):


Rete Toscana Classica (the best radio in Italy, in Tuscany, of course;-):


Audio Analogue (THE hi-fi company of my choice, based in San Giuliano Terme, two stone-throws from my old home in Ghezzano, Pisa – by the way, I got married in San Giuliano!):


Puccini e la sua Lucca (Tuscany Festival by my great, crazy friend Andrea Colombini):


St John’s Smith Square (prestigious venue in the core of London):


St George’s Bristol (one of the finest venues in the UK especially for chamber music):


National Palace of Culture, Bulgaria, Sofia (leading venue in Sofia, Bulgaria):

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